Sales and delivery terms

Prices: All prices are quoted in Danish Kroner (DKK) ex. VAT and other governmental taxes. The right to change prices with no notice
is reserved. In case of deliveries that contain installation and/or initialization, all prices are quoted without installation outside normal
working hours.

Offer: The given offer is valid for 30 days.

Placing of Orders: An order confirmation will be sent.

Delivery Time: The delivery time is agreed upon via separate order and will appear in the order confirmation.

Delivery: Orders larger than DKK 5,000 are delivered free of charge and without fees. Delivery fee and freight charges for orders under
DKK 5,000 amount to DKK 300. When delivered, the risk is transferred to the freight carrier.

Right of Return: Buyer has no right of return ordered goods or services without MIRALIX´s previous written acceptance, which must be
collected no later than 8 days after date of invoice.

Defects and Faulty Delivery: If Buyer claims that the received goods are faulty delivered or deviate from the ordered product, this must
be documented by the Buyer either by fax or letter. Until final decision has been made, MIRALIX has the right to improve the situation
as fast as possible, free of charge either by exchanging, repairing or taking the delivered service back while crediting the purchase
price. Such an inquiry must take place as soon as possible and no later than 8 days after the goods were sent from MIRALIX.

Invoicing: 50 per cent of the contract price when placing the order, 40 per cent at start of installation and 10 per cent when put into

Terms of Payment: Shipments are sent COD. If approved by MIRALIX’s bookkeeping department, 14 days net cash.
If invoiced for certification, payment is due immediately after finalizing work. In case of late payment, a 2 per cent is debited for every
commenced month.

Warranty: All equipment is delivered with 12 months warranty. The warranty is valid from invoice date. A product under warranty is
returned to MIRALIX enclosed a detailed description of the defect as well as a copy of the invoice. The product under warranty will then
be repaired or exchanged depending on what MIRALIX decides. If the defective product is not returned, a small amount will be invoiced.
Buyer pays for the return transport costs. MIRALIX pays for the transport costs to Buyer. The warranty is not valid if the defect has
arisen as a result of regular wear and tear, wrong usage, usage under extreme circumstances, water damage, stroke of lightning,
excess voltage, usage of unoriginal data accessories or alike. In case a technician is summoned on-site for detecting the error, working
time and transport will be invoiced according to valid rates.

Reservation: Reservations are made for asbestos or other environmentally damaging materials and fluids at the customer’s site.

Conditions Regarding Training: If a registered trainee cannot participate, he/she must give written notice to MIRALIX no later than 2
weeks prior to the beginning of the training period. In case of cancelation at a later date or if he/she remains absent in any other way,
the complete fee of the training course will be invoiced regardless of the cause. A replacement trainee can be registered without any
conditions up to one day prior to the beginning of the training.

Property right: MIRALIX has the full property right in all delivered goods and all other additional services until the purchase price incl.
possible interest, surcharges and other fees are fully paid.

Changes: All changes in regards to these sales and delivery terms must take place in writing and must be accompanied by MIRALIX´s
signature before they become effective.

Product Liability and Responsibility in General: MIRALIX is responsible for product liability in accordance with Danish law. MIRALIX
is not responsible for lost production, loss of earnings, loss of profits or any other form of indirect loss. MIRALIX is not responsible for
consequential damages or for Buyer’s possible compensation of 3rd party.

Services to Operators / Telecoms: Start-up fees and transmission services are not covered. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to
monitor the costs for the ISDN and other transmission forms.

Force Majeure: If MIRALIX or one of MIRALIX´s suppliers are prevented from delivering the goods or other services as a result of any
circumstance that MIRALIX cannot control (e.g. fire, theft, natural disasters, stroke of lighting, strike, epidemics, lockout or other force
majeure) is MIRALIX entitled to postpone the delivery until the circumstances are yet again normalized. MIRALIX must inform in writing
about the type of force majeure and the new delivery date.

Confidentiality: Any information that MIRALIX or Buyer come across reg. each other must be regarded as confidential, and must not
be given – neither partly nor completely – to a 3rd party.

Disagreements: Differences of opinion that might occur in connection with these terms and rules to match are settled in a Danish court
of law. Any disagreements caused by deliveries or services are to be solved in the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court as
court of first instance.

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Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.