Miralix View

Miralix View provides an overview of your company’s call flow and the performance of your OfficeTeam contact center / Call center


Would you like to have data presented based on your callflow?

  • Receive automatic reports every week
  • Access your stats from any computer
  • Achieve a graphical overview

Among points of measurement you will find:

  • Total number of calls
  • Lost calls
  • Average queue time
  • Number of handled calls
  • Employee performance
  • Much more

Drill down stats

Miralix View uses the functionality drill down, which from an overview with a single click can go deep into the details.

In order to adjust and improve your telephone solution, it is important to create an overview and from there be able to go deep into details. The details will then provide the data you need to make the right adjustments and in the end improve your solution.