Miralix OfficeClient

Efficient handling of calls through Miralix Contact Center!

Miralix OfficeClient is our PC based client for all employees, who answer calls from the contactcenter. With the client you get a great overview and a possibility for a more efficient call handling.

OfficeClient shows for instance:

  • The availability of your colleagues
  • Number of available “agents”
  • Number of waiting calls
  • Number of todays handled and lost calls
  • Average waiting time of the day
  • Caller information- For instance whom have the customer previously spoken to
  • Servicelevel of the day


Besides showing information the client provides, among others, the following functions

  • A fast and easy way to transfer calls to other colleagues
  • An automatic and easy way to call the customers back
  • The possibility to act as a backup for other departments incoming calls in busy hours
  • Send phone messages to your colleagues by SMS or E-mail directly from the client
  • Through shortkeys activate a self-choosen status that signals your availability to your colleagues

If you want more information about Miralix OfficeClient please do not hesitate to contact us.