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Would your workplace like to handle its customers contact intelligently and offer excellent service to its customers? Then Miralix contact center is the solution for you.

Our contact center strengthens and manages your customer contact across different channels, benefitting both employees and customers. It brings together a wide range of information in a user-friendly and intuitive design, enabling you to find the information you need to help your customers quickly and easily.

When we tailor a solution for you, we look at, among other things, which channels you serve, where employees will work from, what functions they need and which integrations are required.

Miralix Contact Centre is scalable and can be used by companies of all sizes.

Channels in Miralix contact center

Chat and web chat

Where can Miralix contact center be used?

In the reception

– via Miralix Office Operator, which helps switchboard operators forward calls quickly and easily.

In the office

– via Miralix Desktop, which is for agents who need to answer hunt group calls as well as for employees who need a work phone with a built-in phonebook.

On the go

– via our smartphone app, Miralix Go, which is for agents who need to answer hunt group calls as well as for employees who need a work phone with a built-in phonebook.

Solution types

A pure Miralix solution

Our contact center is designed to work independently and can be delivered via cloud hosting or installed on-premise.

You decide if you want a solution with one or multiple contact channels.

An integrated Miralix solution

If you would like extra functionality, we offer a wide range of integrations.

We can integrate the contact center to platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco, and to systems such as Zendesk.

A mobile solution

If you would like to use your mobile phone as your primary work phone, you can get our contact center as a mobile solution.

Using our mobile app, Miralix Go, you get contact center functionality in a pocket-sized format and can respond to customer enquiries wherever you are.

Functions in Miralix contact center

When choosing a new contact center, one of the most important things to clarify is what functions your workplace needs.

Will the functions you might already have be sufficient, or are there new functions you can add that will make work easier for you and your colleagues?

Miralix contact center solution contains a wide range of standard functions that help hundreds of companies every day. If you want even more functions that can optimise your workflows and make it easier to give excellent service, there is a wide range of optional extras.

Below you can see some of our most popular functions. Contact us for more in-depth information about our contact center’s functions.


With unified presence – i.e. status from notes, mobile phone, landline, calendar and Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business – it is easy to see whether a colleague is available and can be contacted or if it, e.g. is better to send a message using a predefined SMS or e-mail template.

Hot items

With hot items, you can give your customers important information before they speak to an employee. You decide what the voice message should contain and at what step in the call queue it is played. Hot items can, among others, be used for promotions, operational information and opening hours.


Through the administration module, you can set skill levels for each of your agents. Skill levels determine how enquiries are routed and ensure that enquiries are handled by the most capable agent, i.e. ensuring a high first-time fix rate.


Set up rules for what should happen if certain conditions in the contact centre are met. For example, if a particular customer calls, if the waiting time is long or too few agents are logged in. You can also define if enquiries should be distributed evenly between agents or allocated based on availability.

Opening hours

Set different opening hours for weekdays, weekends and public holidays. After the initial set-up, our contact center will automatically activate your public holiday opening hours. You can also manually manage temporary opening hours.

Transfer calls

Easily transfer a call to a colleague either directly (“cold transfer”) or present the call to your colleague before transferring it (“consultation call”).

Call qualification

Enable agents to specify what the call was about and get better insight into the type of enquiries you receive.

Last spoken to

See which colleague your customer last spoke to and quickly transfer the call to that person if the customer’s enquiry is about the same matter.

Call back

Offer your customers a callback from an employee, either through your phone queue or via your website.

Automatic actions

Integrate your CRM, ERP or customer service system and enable automatic actions. This way, you can, e.g. lookup the caller or create a new case when a call is received.


Enable your customers to interact with your menu through the use of the dial-pad, e.g. selecting a department or entering a customer number before speaking to an employee.

Take a message

If your colleague is unavailable, you can take a message and send it to them using predefined SMS or e-mail templates.

Get actionable statistics

Get detailed statistics about your contact center with Miralix View and use it to analyse and optimise your customer service, to make better rosters, budgets, documentation etc.

Miralix View giver dig adgang til statistiske data om dit KontaktCenter så du kan træffe beslutninger på et oplyst grundlag

Integrate the contact center with external systems and platforms

We designed our contact center solution to make your working day easier. Among other things, this means that you can integrate it to the most common telephony platforms and a wide range of popular CRM and ERP systems.

Read more about the platforms we support and the systems we integrate with by clicking on the buttons below.

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