Miralix A/S increases its group of owners

Miralix A/S increases its group of owners with 3 employees and a financial investor

As of 1st of April 3 employees and Vækst-Invest Nordjylland now hold 70% of the shares in Miralix A/S. Preben Kirkeby, continues as shareholder and CEO.

Miralix develops and sells software solutions within contact centers and PC Switchboard to customers in Denmark and abroad. The products improve mobility, cooperation and customer contact. Miralix has 35 employees.

Focus on future growth and innovation

Since its start in 1996, Miralix enjoys steady growth rates in both top and bottom. Through continuous product innovation and a high service level, the company demonstrates its worth to the customers. The products are continuously being adapted to demands from customers and stakeholders. The new group of owners will continue the market- and user-driven product innovation and intensify focus within the fields of service and functionality. The new owners are expecting to invest in growth and to continue the already established strategy of international expansion.

Continuity and development

It is important to Vækst-Invest Nordjylland that present majority shareholder, Preben Kirkeby continues as managing director and co-owner of the company. This to keep the considerable experience and business insight of Preben in Miralix. Vækst-Invest Nordjylland finds it positive with the co-ownership of the 3 employees, Sales Manager Michael S. Kristiansen, Development Manager Jimmi Hjuler and Technical Manager Kasper Kirkeby, as this will increase the focus on growth, service and further product innovation in the company.

In future, the new group of owners will add a further and stronger focus on strategy execution and product- and sales development to the company, which is all expected to increase the turnover and earnings of the company.

A good match

To Preben Kirkeby the sale of the majority of shares means that Miralix will be future-proof and the company development can continue on the previous track. Preben Kirkeby says: “Since 1996 we have worked hard on establishing an exciting and profitable company within telephony and Unified Communication. We have succeeded in doing this thanks to many loyal customers, partners and employees. I am convinced that our products have further growth potential, which is why I wanted to expand the group of owners with 3 of my qualified executives and a financial investor and in this way add resources to the future journey. We all look forward to our cooperation with Vækst-Invest Nordjylland!”

Investment Manager in Vækst-Invest Nordjylland, Lars Bundgaard Sørensen says the following about the investment in Miralix:”During a long period Miralix performs well with very nice growth rates, which naturally attracted our interest. As we see it, the company has good potential for increasing growth many years ahead, which is supported by business analysis as well. Miralix is in a niche in which products have a very considerable scalability, and Miralix develops software products with potential far beyond the Danish border. Last but not least it is important to us, that Preben and 3 of the executive employees want to continue the journey in Miralix together with us as both shareholder and employee.”